If you're anything like I was, you're probably feeling:

I discovered specific strategies to clear the limiting beliefs that were blocking me from ever making what I considered significant progress in life.  WE GET WHAT WE TOLERATE.  I was tired of tolerating feeling 'not good enough'.  Alcohol seemed to fix it, until it made everything worse. COACHING is really what opened my awareness.   BREAKTHROUGHS are the ticket to freedom! 


• Frustrated with your broken promises to yourself and others.

• Have difficulty owning your worth. You feel like you don't matter or belong.

• You are living in default mode, not the ideal life of your own design

• You’re not sure if you, the REAL you, is good enough to deserve the life you want

Gaining control over self-sabotage changed everything for me.


We all make mistakes. Our response to those mistakes is what determines their impact. The path of progress is not a perfect straight line.  


Change is much more sustainable (and enjoyable!) when we treat ourselves and others with compassion than with shame and blame.  


Life is a gift and you get to live it to the fullest. The fact that you're self-sabotaging is NOT your fault, but it IS your responsibility.


My mission is to empower people who realize their self-sabotaging inner voices are interfering with every aspect of life and preventing them from living with true fulfillment. I do this with effective coaching and time tested resources. Helping people take control of their negative thought patterns, so they can confidently embrace all that life has to offer. 

I am on a mission to serve

I was STUCK in the start-stop cycle. No matter how hard I tried, I just wasn't making progress towards my goals. I felt that I wasn't good enough or even fully deserving of my dreams.

My frustration and disappointment felt unbearable. AND - I felt very alone in this battle. I didn't know support really existed, and I had just about given up on believing in any possibility of earning the income I dreamed of.  TIME was running out!

I have been where you are - and can show you the way forward

I had a back injury and now have a chiropractic degree, magna cum laude. I am an action taker. When I realized I was sabotaging myself, getting in my own way with procrastination and overwhelm, I dove deep into personal development and now my passion is coaching others with their struggles.

Helping people breakthrough from what's holding them back is my honor and fulfilling passion.

I don’t have to be here - I get to be here!  

I am here to HELP YOU Overcome Self-Sabotage

Hey! I'm ingrid!

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