I help you align with your naturally brilliant design so that you feel more comfortable in your skin. 

Innately Great

• Feeling like you belong
• Knowing that you ARE good enough - Worthy!
• Feeling you are supported, GROUNDED
• Understanding your wiring - it's YOU
• Being OK with your feelings, all of them
• BUSTING the patterns that don't serve you
• Feeling understood, you are not alone
• TIME is actually on your side
• Feeling CAREFREE & LIGHT anytime you choose
• Enjoying restful, restorative SLEEP
• ALLOWING yourself compassion - when we slow down we actually speed up


Break your chains!
Win your battle with self-sabotage faster & easier than ever before.

• Judging yourself? Blaming yourself? 
• Blaming your parents or your childhood?
• Saying mean things to yourself you'd never say to others?
• Trapped in a vicious cycle?
• Do you feel you're all alone in this?
• Is it up to you (as always) to figure it all out? ... And ...
you should have already figured it all out?
• Thinking of shifting gears - again - or giving up altogether on what you REALLY DEEP DOWN WANT?
(Do you even KNOW what you really deep down want?)

Stuck in your own way?

Hey, I'm ingrid!

-Alice,  Alabama

Anxiety is rare for me now! I am very grateful. I have confidence that I never thought I would, and feel prepared to handle things as they come up.

Dr. Cook believed in me more than I believed in myself.

-Howard,  Alabama

I realized I used to prioritize alcohol over everything else.  It was my de-stressor, and I thought I needed it to feel normal.  I learned to control it.

I still have a beer occasionally but it's not my God anymore.

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Discover your gifts and attributes that you believed were lacking (or missing altogether). One of the greatest adventures in living is getting to know yourself better!

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